How it Works

Welcome to (Koha - meaning ‘Donate’ or ‘Gift’ in Te Reo Māori) is an online fundraising tool that utilises affiliate commissions from to help raise money for schools and charity organisations.

An affiliate partnership with means that if we provide them with the traffic that results in a booking, we get rewarded. The majority of that reward is then donated to your chosen school or charity.

20% of the total commission that receives from the accommodation provider will be donated to your chosen school of charity. That percentage never changes. What can vary is the amount of commission that receives from each booking. It depends on the agreement have with the chosen accommodation provider. It is normally either 10%, 15% or 20%. Example: If you were to make a $500 booking at a Motel that had a 20% commission agreement with, then would receive $100. Of this $100, $20 (20%) would be donated to your chosen school or charity.

Its super simple to use. Just visit, select the school or charity you would like to support and click the link to get to Once on the site you will see that's Affiliate ID (aid=1727530) will make up part of the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser. As long as that ID is somewhere in the URL when you complete the booking, we will earn the commission which we then donate. This ID is how identifies which of their Affiliate Partners earn the commission. Each time you go back to you will need to go through the site. Remember, if you cannot see our ID anywhere in the URL at the top of the page then the entire commission stays with

Use today and enjoy the gift of giving!

Its free to use

With there are no hidden costs. A user selects a School or Charity, they then link through to and book travel as they normally do at the same great rates.

We provide marketing tools

Any School or Charity that registers is provided with some great marketing material to help spread the word among their employees, friends, family and the wider community.

Generate funds with ease

Unlike most fundraisers, it does not require a lot of volunteers and countless hours to raise funds. A $500 booking could mean a donation to your school or charity of over *$20.00, with no extra cost to you.

Incredibly user friendly

With a maximum of 4 clicks you could be making money for your chosen school or charity. Far quicker and easier than being rostered on for a local fundraising sausage sizzle.

* Amount of money donated to the school or charity varies depending on the commission agreement has in place with the accommodation provider